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Next Gen Wireless Networks Summit: The Industry's Premier Event for the Mobile Networks Community

5G is arriving this year, but it’s just a tiny part of a much bigger story. Although 5G will likely dominate the conversation in the wireless industry in 2018, the next-generation wireless networks of tomorrow are poised for a much more massive and meaningful evolution. The wireless networks of the future – those that operators, vendors and others are formulating in today’s labs – likely will stretch across new fiber connections underpinned by new, distributed architectures powered by edge computing. Those networks will likely support the newest transmission technologies, from massive MIMO to LAA, while running on spectrum bands considered untenable just a few years ago. Perhaps most importantly, those networks will likely feature modular components supplied by a variety of new and existing vendors, assembled through virtualized, software-powered platforms.

Gone are the days when wireless relied exclusively on new spectrum bands and new data encoding methods to break open new opportunities. The next-generation wireless of tomorrow could power everything from gigabit home internet connections to massive IoT installations stretching across metropolises, all through network architectures far more efficient than those in use today.

5G will undoubtedly stand out in the narrative in 2018 and beyond, but those in the industry are working on a much richer tale.


This event is aimed at professionals in the Service Provider, Network OEMs, Tower Companies, and Cities/Municipalities industries responsible for:

  • Engineering
  • Executive Management
  • M2M/IoT
  • Network Operations
  • R&D
  • Strategy
  • Technology
  • Virtualization/NFV
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Past Attendee Testimonials

"Well balanced and compact industry event which provided essential technology, service provider and vendor perspectives that will shape the evolution to 5G."

"I enjoyed this Summit and was extremely impressed by the quality of speakers and their full participation in the networking events. I was able to meet all the people I wanted to and even found some new relationships. The venue and food were excellent. Great short productive show for my team."

"Great networking and learning opportunities abound!"